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Amy Winehouse has taken up Buddhist chanting in her struggle toget clean. The singer has been trying to find peace by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, a form of Nicherin Buddhism – which Courtney Love credits her own recovery to.

A friend said: “One of her musician friends introduced Amy to Buddhist chanting. She chants for ten minutes in the mornings and just before she sleeps. Amy has also been watching the interview clip with Tina Turner chanting on YouTube and she reckons it’s already affecting her in a positive way. She has a string of Buddhist beads that she chants with, which she keeps in a red silk scarf. She says chanting is filling her life with positivity while she is trying to sort herself out” (The Sun).

From the papers:

Duffy is back on the fags again after moving to London. She said: “Back home everybody smoked because there was nothing else to do. I started again because I just needed something to allow me to feel human again. It’s a way of getting five minutes to yourself. Before I go onstage I have a glass of wine and a cigarette” (The Sun).

Madonna took a break from her ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour to accompany husband Guy Ritchie to the London premier of his new movie ‘RocknRolla’ (Various).

Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson flew returning RAF men from Cyprus back to RAF Wittering, Cambs (Daily Mirror).

Coldplay‘s lighting technicians forcing BBC Broadcasting House to be evacuated twice after their kit accidentally set off fire alarms (The Sun).

Sugababes Amelle Berrabah went jet skiing in Puerta, Banus in Spain (Daily Mirror).

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