Amy Winehouse denies ‘suspicious white stuff’ allegations

Singer denies 'suspicious bag' drugs implication

Amy Winehouse’s spokesperson has released a statement claiming that a photograph of Winehouse with a bag containing white material, which appeared in the London Lite newspaper yesterday (December 5), contains hand towels as oppose to drugs.

The newspaper printed pictures of a see-through bag containing white material in the boot of a car Winehouse had been driven in, as she transported items from her Camden flat to Bow, east London, where she is currently staying.

The newspaper described the bag as “a rather suspicious bag of white stuff”, possibly implying that it contained cocaine.

Winehouse’s spokesperson, however, has issued a statement denying the implication, stating: “In response to photos published in the London Lite of ‘white stuff’ in the back of the car in which Amy Winehouse was driven in, [the items in the bag] are in fact the driver’s hand towels. Any implication or suggestion otherwise would be unfair.”

The paper has yet to comment.