Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse’s dad wrote funeral speech

Mitch Winehouse prepared eulogy after summer overdose

In a macabre tabloid revelation, Amy Winehouse’s dad has admitted that he prepared a eulogy for her funeral.

Following her alleged overdose in August, Winehouse Senior Mitch prepared the speech when he was convinced that she would not survive the health scare.

He told The Daily Star: “I wrote a eulogy for Amy myself last month. When she had her seizure and was taken to hospital, I really though that could be it.


“The doctors told us even a whiff of another drug could kill her. When I found out Blake had given her more drugs, I couldn’t believe it. It was as bad as someone holding a gun to my daughter’s head.”

Mitch said that he believed bad boy Blake was preventing her from getting better.

Blake is a bad influence on her and I no longer toe the line and pretend he isn’t,” he declared. “Amy is responsible for her own actions but until he came along she was staunchly against hard drugs.

“For Amy and Blake to beat their drug problems they have to go into rehab separately and he won’t let her do that. I don’t care about his health at all, other than because my Amy’s happiness relies on it. In the end, she’s my daughter. She’s very strong and I love her. I trust she will be alright.”

All in all, it’s pretty grizzly.


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