Boycott ‘drug addict’ Amy Winehouse’s albums say in-laws

Blake Fielder-Civil's parents ask fans to send a message to couple

Amy Winehouse’s in-laws have called on her fans to boycott her records to help her get off drugs.

The parents of her husband Blake Fielder-Civil have said both the singer and their son are drug addicts and are in denial.

Georgette and I both believe that they are drug addicts, and they don’t believe they are,” Giles Fielder-Civil told BBC Radio 5 Live this morning (August 28). “I think they believe they are recreational users of drugs, and they are in control, but it seems to Georgette and I that this isn’t the case.”

He suggested that the pair were taking crack, and on occasion there had been heroin use.

Giles also said he had asked the source of their drugs to stop supplying the couple but they had not kept to their word, while his wife added that she feared for the pair’s lives.

“I think they both need to get medical help, before one of them, if not both of them, eventually will die,” explained Georgette Fielder-Civil, with her husband adding: “We are concerned that if one of them dies, the other will die. They are a very close couple, and if one dies through substance abuse, the other may commit suicide.”

He then called on fans of Winehouse to show her that she needed to change her ways and send a message “that her addiction and her behaviour are not acceptable”.

“Perhaps it is time to stop buying records,” he suggested, adding that with the singer nominated for next week’s (September 4) Mercury Music Prize she should not win any awards either. “It’s a possibility, to send that message.”

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