Amy Winehouse ‘Rehab’ print to be released

With unfortunate timing, singer's lyrics are immortalised in art

A limited edition print commemorating Amy Winehouse‘s ’Rehab’ is set to be released.

The print which has been designed by award winning graphic designers Airside, features her lyrics: “They tried to make me go to rehab/But I said no, no, no”.

The timing of the release so is somewhat unfortunate, with Winehouse dropping out of V Festival this weekend so she can sort out “health issues” following a much publicised drug overdose last week (August 7).

The design of the print is also inspired by the singer.

According to a statement: “Airside take their inspiration from not only the lyrics, but also Amy Winehouse’s distinctive rebellious style that can be seen all over her body, in the form of body art tattoos.

“Definitive of how times have changed from sailors and convicts only thinking such art was cool; tattoos, ranging from Winehouse‘s pin up girls to her horseshoe, inject an essential design element.”

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