Amy Winehouse ‘ready to record new album’

Mark Ronson wants to make 'morbid' record with singer

Amy Winehouse is ready to record the follow up to 2006’s ’Back To Black’, according to producer Mark Ronson.

The duo, who collaborated on that record, are planning to hit the studio in November.

Ronson said: “As soon as I finish up the Daniel Merriweather record I am going back into the studio with Amy Winehouse to work on her new record.”


He added: “She is actually dying to go back into the studio already. I was in London last weekend and I saw Amy and we actually talked about maybe finding a studio together. She is kind of ready now but we are on tour and she can’t go in November because she is on tour so we are figuring it out.”

Explaining her writing process, Ronson said: “She pretty much writes everything just her on the acoustic guitar. So she will come in with a song and it sounds kind of like a jazz standard. I’ll come up with the arrangement and maybe mess with the chords and beats and see what the guitars and bass will be doing.

“And the only song [on the last album] we actually collaborated on was ’Back To Black’ where I came up with the piano and the music and then she wrote on top of it. And she writes incredibly quickly.

“When she’s in her zone she is just really clever and her lyrics are really special.”

Speaking about the possible influences on the forthcoming album, he told Rolling Stone: “I think that we can’t do the same thing again, it can’t be like a 60s element or Motown. If anything, I’d really like to make it sound older or more morbid or like really wal of sound. But I don’t want to second guess before I actually hear the songs.”


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