Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch to start work on own film about singer ‘shortly’

It will follow on from successful documentary 'Amy' released earlier this year

Mitch Winehouse has said that he will start work on his own film about daughter and late singer Amy Winehouse “fairly shortly”.

Asif Kapadia’s documentary about the singer, Amy, was released in July to vast acclaim. However, Mitch Winehouse has been critical of the film since its release, previously stating that it did not show an entirely accurate portrayal of her personality.

Now Mitch Winehouse has announced that he will start work on his own project, telling Bang Showbiz: “We hope to start work fairly shortly on it. But it’s going to be more than just a film.”

“All of the people who weren’t in the film are hopping mad,” he added. “They want their voices to be heard. We don’t want to be like Asif, we’ll let people say what they want, but we don’t want it to be negative.”

“We meet at least every month: Amy’s dearest friends, Reg, and me, and we sit there, and the stories that we tell are brilliant. People don’t realise everybody’s got 100 stories about Amy, and that’s the kind of thing that we’re going to try and do.”


Mitch says that the film won’t just focus on the late singer’s musical career either, adding: “Amy created a range of dresses for Fred Perry, she created six seasons, I don’t know how she managed to do it but she did and they’re still selling, they’re selling very well, and people don’t really know that kind of side of her, that creative side. There’s more to Amy than just the singing and everything else.”

Speaking at the annual Amy Winehouse Foundation Gala in London earlier this month (October 15), Mitch Winehouse said the Kapadia film was “very hurtful”, denying suggestion his movie would be a “revenge attack” on Kapadia.

“We are looking to do something positive. There are so many great things in Amy’s life that were missed in that film. It was a great opportunity that Asif Kapadia had and he didn’t grab it,” said Winehouse. “Let’s hear something new about Amy.”

Winehouse passed away in July 2011 from alcohol poisoning. She was 27.