Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil calls out her family for “moneymaking gimmick” of hologram tour

"It's not going to be the same"

Amy Winehouse‘s former husband Blake Fielder-Civil has slammed the late singer’s close friends and family for “cashing in” on the legendary musician’s legacy.

As he appeared on Good Morning Britain, Fielder-Civil hit out at plans to revive the singer’s image for a hologram tour next year – which had originally proved divisive among her fans.

“The idea that it’s anything remotely like Amy to me is misleading. It’s old footage. It can’t be anything new. It wont be her interactions. It’s not going to be the same,” he said.


“I’m a bit concerned about whether the people going to see it, they’ll be aware it’s not Amy, there won’t be any human element to it. The way I feel. The actual hologram itself. It’s no different to watching a video clip or listening to her album. If anyone wants to see Amy on stage that opportunity has been and gone.”

But when he was called out by Piers Morgan for selling details of his life with Amy to newspapers, Fielder-Civil admitted that he had “cashed in” on her legacy.

“The story I sold was more about me taking a responsibility for the situation Amy was in at the time,” he said. “I guess I was [cashing in on her name]. To call it to all it ‘cashing in’ is a bit misleading.

“I would have done it without any money,” he continued. “The first story I didn’t take any payment. The reason I started taking money, the situation through the media and my own, I found it hard to get a job for a long time. I couldn’t make money any other way.”


The interview also saw him opening up on his “tempestuous” relationship with Winehouse – after he was widely viewed as the person who introduced her to harder drugs.

“The drug thing is something attributed to me for years. Me and Amy used drugs together for six months of our marriage,” he said.

“Before that Amy didn’t do drugs, she smoked cannabis. I did heroin four or five times. I’m not willing to be the only person anymore. I feel like I’m the only person that has taken responsibility.”

Meanwhile, Winehouse’s family also recently revealed that biopic movie of her life is in the works.

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