An Andrew Weatherall mix of Warpaint’s debut album to be released on Record Store Day

The version of 'The Fool' features an alternate tracklist envisioned by the late, great DJ

A previously unheard Andrew Weatherall mix of Warpaint‘s debut album ‘The Fool’ is set to be released for 2021’s Record Store Day.

Weatherall, the iconic DJ who died last year, worked on a number of mixes for the 2010 album, with his versions of ‘Undertow’ and ‘Baby’ appearing on the official album.

The new Record Store Day edition, which will come out via Rough Trade on June 12 to mark one of two ‘RSD Drops’ in 2021, brings together all the mixes he created for the album, including a number of previously unreleased versions.


The new vinyl version of ‘The Fool’ comes with an alternate tracklist that Weatherall envisaged when creating the mixes.

“I remember that one of the main reasons why we wanted Andrew Weatherall to mix the Warpaint album was because we loved his brilliant work on the Primal Scream remix of ‘Higher Than The Sun’,” Rough Trade boss Geoff Travis said of the project.

“I know that we discussed this particular track with Emily [Kokal, Warpaint vocalist] and she knew it of course and also loved it. I think it was a key reason they agreed to let Andrew do the mix.”

See the new vinyl and alternate tracklist for Andrew Weatherall’s version of ‘The Fool’ below.


1. Warpaint
2. Undertow
3. Bees
4. Jubilee
5. Shadows
6. Majesty
7. Baby
8. Composure
9. Lissies Heart Murmur
10. Set Your Arms Down


Weatherall, considered one of the most influential producers of all time, died in February 2020 aged 56 following a pulmonary embolism, prompting tributes from across the world of music and beyond.

An NME obituary to Weatherall read: “For many he will be remembered as a figure of enlightenment, opening doors and shattering barriers to wake young minds to the wide-reaching possibilities of dance music. His lingering message remains: don’t fight it, feel it.”