Singer with Anal C*** (yes, that's their name, kids) sought after fan is assaulted...

US grindcore act Anal C*** are being sought by Derbyshire Police after singer Seth Putnam is alleged to have attacked a female fan last week (June 15).

The woman claims she was punched and strangled by Putnam during the band’s set at Derby Victoria Inn after she started to heckle him.

A Derbyshire Police spokeswoman confirmed a complaint had been made by the woman but said it was unlikely charges would be pressed against the singer.


She said: “A woman said she went to see a death metal band and there was a lot of shouting and abuse. He (Putnam) jumped into the audience and tried to strangle her, punching her in the head.

“We will try to contact him and give him advice about his behaviour.”

Anal C*** have now left the country after their show at London WC2 Borderline last week (June 16).

A spokesman for the band said: “I don’t think Seth goes out of his way to target women, but she was heckling him. What did she expect? It’s well known what goes on at Anal C*** shows and if you want to stay out of trouble, stay at the back.”

The band, who have achieved notoriety with their confrontational lyrics and violent gigs, have been forced to release their new album, ‘It Gets Worse’, through the Internet as no record distribution company is prepared to be associated with them.

The Mean Fiddler banned them from playing their Highbury Garage venue earlier this year.


The new album contains songs like, ‘I Became A Counsellor So I Could Tell Rape Victims They Asked For It’ and ‘I Sent A Thank You Card To The Guy Who Raped You’.

A spokesman for the band’s record company, Earache, defended the band, claiming: “There’s a dark vein of humour to the band. It’s hard to take lyrics like that seriously and anyone who would is insane. He’s not advocating rape.”

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