Neil Busch tells NME.COM that the suits at XFM objected to the group's raucous power...

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead were thrown out of the studios of LONDON’s XFM radio for being too loud while they were recording a session for the station this week.

Speaking to NME.COM ahead of tonight’s (February 7) headlining NME Carling Show at the London Astoria, guitarist Neil Busch explained the band had been set to play at XFM on Tuesday (February 5).

“We were too loud,” he said. “We had [equipment] trouble all day and it took a while to get the rental company to bring with replacements. But when we finally got started there was this board meeting upstairs and when we were playing, they decided we were too loud. It was late in the day, but they came down and complained. And they were like ‘If you could wait until after the board meeting is over…’. We said we had been waiting around all fucking day so no. We’re a fucking rock band and they’re a rock and roll station, so we weren’t going to turn it down. We didn’t get finished – we had just gotten started. We did one take of one song and it wasn’t really up to speed.”

He added: “The guys who were recording, they were dead nice. It was the stuffed shirts upstairs. But, as a wise man once said, Fuck ’em!”

Busch, whose band release their new album ‘Source, Tags And Codes’ on February 25, also revealed that …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead will be back in the UK for a full tour at the beginning of the summer, though dates have yet to be announced.

In the meantime, Busch joked: “We’ll probably get a more cocaine and more chicks, we’re going to go shoot up a little more, maybe afford a little plastic surgery and get boob jobs and reconstructive surgery.”