The band scrapped their European tour after being attacked at the San Antonio gig - and the eyewitness accounts are not pretty...

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead fans have been e-mailing NME.COM to describe the chaos at a show in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, which led to the postponement of their European tour.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band were unable to visit Europe for shows in the UK, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France and Belgium. Fighting broke out after the band were attacked by locals at the gig in San Antonio, and they allegedly had to defend themselves using their equipment.

In a statement issued at the time (October 18), they said: “(We) have no equipment and police enquiries to face, making it impossible to leave the USA.”


On fan who was at the show, Heather Mockeridge, contacted NME.COM to describe what she saw: “They started as normal. They had reached their third song when a gang of six, broad-shouldered, jock types sporting those long white ghost masks approached the stage. First they started harassing a gaggle of young ladies, then one of them chucked his beer…

“Then him and his friends jumped on the stage and began the attack.

Jason, Conrad and Kevi used mic stands, drums and guitars to defend themselves while Neil cowered behind the effects rack.

“The entire crowd followed suit and all started fighting with one another. At that point, the owner proceeded in kicking them out. Their attackers followed and the owner called the police. The band split, leaving most of their equipment behind. I know, I swiped a piece of their drum kit. I plan on selling it on e-bay.”

Another fan, Buhbutt, also at the show gave a similar account, but put the trouble down to a deep rooted “animosity between crusty punks and indie rock kids” in the San Antonio area. He said: “They were right in the middle of ‘Perfect Teenhood’ when some metal-spiked crusty street punk jumped up on stage and began thrashing about with drunken abandon.

“What this really comes down to is that there is much unspoken animosity between crusty punks and indie rock kids. And …Trail of Dead serves as a meeting place for both types. In this particular case, the meeting place ended with no understanding, with violence. However, if both groups realised how much they have in common they’d really have nothing to fight about. It’s about seeing the big picture.”


Chaotic …Trail Of Dead live shows are not confined to the US. At a recent gig at the London Camden Monarch (August 21), drummer Jason Reece required four stitches in his hand after a stage invasion. Numerous members of the crowd invaded the stage and in the chaos that followed, Reece was knocked to the ground, striking his drumkit with his arm.

It is expected that the band’s European shows will be rearranged before Christmas.

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