Anderson .Paak shares new song ‘Yours To Take’ via Budweiser ad

“Young, Black, gifted and dangerous / Don’t play with us,” the star declares on the track

Anderson .Paak has shared a brand new track called ‘Yours To Take’ via a new advertisement for Budweiser – scroll down the page to hear it now.

The track marks the first piece of new solo material, the rapper, singer, drummer and producer has released since the 2020 single ‘Jewelz’.

Are you sure you can be like them?” he asks at the start of the song. “Do you have what it takes to win?” Later, he adds a promise and a warning: “We can book a show on the moon, but my band ain’t playing no EDM / I’m in the Sunshine State but they’ll be the shadiest / Young, Black, gifted and dangerous / Don’t play with us.”


The accompanying advert is subtle on the Budweiser branding and follows numerous creatives, including a drummer, artist, fashion designer and more through their journeys. The near-two-minute clip ends on a shot of a packed music venue, while .Paak declares: “I’m always gonna play to win.”

Lately, the star has been focusing on Silk Sonic, his collaborative project with Bruno Mars. The pair released their debut album, ‘An Evening With Silk Sonic’, together last year. In a five-star review, NME said: “The magic is in the way that the music moves: the songs are radiant and full of joy, formed from the synergy of two relentlessly creative minds.

“The album glows with appreciation for the simple but irreplaceable power of working alongside someone you trust and respect like no other — and it sounds as effortless and rewarding as an old friendship.”

At the 2022 Grammy Awards, Silk Sonic were one of the big winners of the night. They collected four awards for their single ‘Leave The Door Open’, including including Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Song.

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