It was a bloody nose last time...now it's a rude album title...

ANDREW WK looks is set to outrage censors again when he releases his second album, currently under the working title of ‘BLOW YOUR BONE’.

The singer has defended the title and claims that it contains no sexual innuendo or any other hidden meaning.

“We had some problems… It was supposed to be about taking a bone – like a chicken bone that a dog would want to chew on – and blowing it up with dynamite. People read into that in a weird way,” he told Rolling Stone. “Some stores said they wanted to carry the next record but didn’t want that title, to the point where we were forced to change the name. It still might be called that… At the end of the day I’m going to do what I want to do and we’ll deal with it when it comes.”


WK caused a minor controversy when his 2001 debut LP ‘I Get Wet’ was released featuring an extreme close up of the pomp rocker with blood pouring from his nose, down over his mouth and chin.

The image was condemned by the Advertising Standards Authority, as they said it suggested the singer had been taking cocaine and it could frighten “children and vulnerable people”.

The ASA covered the image with a black sticker, “because of its graphic nature and implication of violence, the image was gratuitously distressing and likely to cause serious or widespread offence, especially because it… would be seen by children”.

WKis currently sifting through 25 tracks in New York for ‘Blow Your Bone’. He commented: “It’s really going to blow the other album out of the water in terms of content and in terms of actual quality.”

Former B-side ‘Violent Life’ is being tipped for inclusion, alongside ‘Never Ending Party’, ‘Close Calls With Brick Walls’, ‘Kicks and Bricks” ‘Addicted to Life’ and ‘I Am Totally Stupid’.

The singer says that he has been inspired lyrically by the positive reaction from fans over the last year. “People have really bonded with stuff in a strong way that I never expected and I really respect that. I’m inspired and moved by it and I want to live up to them and I want to make them happy again.”

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