Andrew WK to attempt world drumming record

The hard-partying rocker will be joined by The Roots drummer Questlove

Andrew WK is going to play the drums for 24 hours straight in an attempt to set a new world record.

The hard-partying rocker will start the marathon on Wednesday (June 19) at 7pm and continue through to Thursday in what he hopes is the longest drum session to be held in a shop. As Billboard reports, The gig is part of Viacom’s O Music Awards and will be broadcast from the Oakley store in Times Square in New York. The rocker has also enlisted a host of guest drummers to join him on the stint, including The Roots’ Questlove.

Last year, the O Music Awards got The Flaming Lips to set the world record for playing the most multi-city live shows in 24 hours. The Oklahoma band performed eight times across the Mississippi Delta, beating the previous record set by Jay-Z. The rapper played seven gigs from Atlanta to Los Angeles in 2006, but Wayne Coyne and co went one better after starting their run of shows in Memphis, Tennessee and finishing in New Orleans, Louisiana, with 20 minutes to spare before the deadline.