New York venue owned by Andrew W.K. shuts down after staging of neo-Nazi festival

Santos Party House closed at the weekend

A New York venue part owned by Andrew WK and the rapper Despot has closed.

The Santos Party House was shut down just hours after the punk festival NYC Oi! Fest, which has ties to neo-Nazis, was staged at the club at the weekend.

The venue has not yet issued an official statement, and it has not been confirmed that the closure had anything to do with the controversial event.


Manager Sean Kane was quoted by DNA Info as saying, “It was a 10 year lease. Our lease is up and we’re not renewing it.” An auto-reply email also stated: “Our last day open will be Sunday – May 29th, 2016. If you have an event after the previously mentioned date, please consider it cancelled.”

Meanwhile, Despot denied any knowledge of the booking of NYC Oi! Fest in advance on Twitter and stated that he tried to put a stop to it once he was made aware. He did not comment on the club’s closing.

In response to a series of complaints on Twitter, he wrote: “[I] had nothing to do with the booking. I’m Jewish. My middle name is Israel. Go yell at someone else.”

He added: “Beyond that, once I was made aware I tried to put a stop to it and was ignored.”

Andrew W.K. has yet to respond.


The rocker recently announced he was forming a political party called the Party Party.

In a statement, he wrote: “For a long time now, I’ve pondered the possibility of somehow getting involved in governmental politics, but I wanted to find a way to participate without compromising my celebratory philosophy, or getting sucked into a whirlpool of traditional political career ambitions. I wanted to stay true to my vision of unifying joy, and still contribute something of value to the often distressing political landscape.

“Could we participate in politics and at the same time transcend it? Could we address the fundamental aspects of our shared national experience without engaging in endless dissonance and conflict? Could we work towards the liberation of the human spirit without succumbing to the temptations of an “us versus them” mentality? In other words, could we make a political party that put partying first and politics last? I thought it was time to try.”

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