Andrew WK delivers inspirational speech at My Little Pony convention – watch

Hard-partying rocker dishes out advice on how to get what you want out of life

Party veteran Andrew WK has delivered a motivational speech to a My Little Pony convention – watch it above.

The hedonistic rocker featured on a panel at Canterlot Gardens, a My Little Pony convention in Strongsville, Ohio, preaching the virtues of individuality to the audience Rolling Stone reports.

Addressing the audience of ‘bronies’ – older teens and adults (many of whom are men) who watch the show despite being outside its target demographic – he said the crowd were “a group of people I can relate to in that they’re like no one else. Congrats on being individuals . . . and part of a herd.”

“A lot of times adults confuse growing up or becoming more mature with a sense of seriousness, a sense of boringness, a sense of just stupidness,” he said. “Lameness. But really, the great thing about being adult… is that you just have more power.”

According to a press statement from the convention earlier this year, Andrew WK is the “the real life embodiment” of one of the cartoon’s characters Pinkie Pie – a party-planning pink horse.

“The amount of joy being conjured up in this room . . . it will spread through the whole universe,” he said. “You should feel proud of that; that’s a real achievement.”