Andrew WK starts political party, The Party Party

The artist has already filed the relevant paperwork

Party king/self-help guru Andrew WK has announced that he will be starting his own political party, The Party Party.

“It’s no secret that the majority of Americans are frustrated, disillusioned and concerned with the current state of our nation,” he said in a video posted to The Party’s Party’s official YouTube channel yesterday (March 31 – the day before April Fool’s Day, however much this story sounds like one). “The two party system has created an us vs. them mentality and that’s kept us from reaching our highest potential.”

“If my experience as a partier, an entertainer and a human being has taught me anything, it’s that many of us have lost faith in our political process. Well now it’s time to restore our faith.” Watch the announcement below.


WK says he has already filed the relevant paperwork with the Secretary of State although at the momen his exact plans for The Party Party are unclear. Visit for more info.