The Michigan rocker holes up in a secret New York location to work on the follow up to 'I Get Wet'...

Andrew WK has holed up in a confidential NEW YORK location to begin work on his second LP.

The rocker says he wants some privacy the follow-up to his critically lauded 2001 debut ‘I Get Wet’, according to Rolling Stone.

He said: “If we were in a studio there’d be people coming in and out and we don’t want that. We want to spend as much time on the detail stuff as possible. There could be as many as a hundred tracks on each song, all kinds of keyboards, but we can just do it in a hotel room.”

Talking about how the record will sound, he added: “You know when you get one of those weird things underneath your armpit?” That’s what this album is – a growth. It’s branching off, it’s growing off, but it’s not abandoning or turning its head to what it is.

“There are a lot of people who have discovered my music and it’s changed their lives. We strive to create the best song you ever heard . . . over and over again.”