Andrew WK to release ‘lost’ album

Hard-partying singer set for February album release

Andrew WK has announced that he is to release a ‘lost’ album he recorded in 2004 and 2005.

‘Close Calls With Brick Walls’ had only previously been available in Japan and Korea, but will now be released in the UK on February 22.

The singer said that the album was in a similar vein to the music he made for his breakthrough 2001 album ‘I Get Wet’ – and was born of his frustration.

‘Close Calls With Brick Walls’ came out of this feeling that I was boxed in,” he said. “That I had a small window of opportunity to get out, that this might be my only chance to escape and that if I switch things up then maybe I can be free forever. And that’s exactly what happened!”

The album will come packaged with a B-sides and rarities album, ‘Mother Of Mankind’.

The tracklisting of ‘Close Calls With Brick Walls’ is:

‘I Came For You’
‘Close Calls With Bal Harbour’
‘Not Going To Bed’
‘You Will Remember Tonight’
‘Pushing Drugs’
‘Hand On The Place’
‘One Brother’
‘Las Vegas, Nevada’
‘Dr Dumont’
‘I Want To See You Go Wild’
‘When I’m High’
‘Golden Eyed Dog’
‘Into The Clear’
‘Mark My Grace’
‘Don’t Call Me Andy’
‘The Background’
‘Slam John Against A Brick Wall’
‘The Moving Room’