The Advertising Standards Authority say the cover of 'I Get Wet' could frighten children...

Andrew WK has been carpeted by the ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY for having a face that would frighten children and “vulnerable people.”

The ASA condemned the pomp-rocker after it received complaints about adverts for his debut album, ‘I Get Wet’.

The offending ads carried the cover of the album which features an extreme close-up of Andrew WK with blood pouring from his nose down over his mouth and chin.

It provoked complaints from the public, the ASA say, because the image suggested the singer had been taking cocaine, and because it could frighten “children and vulnerable people”

While the Authority accepted an argument made by Mercury Records, Andrew WK‘s label, that the nosebleed was not associated with taking cocaine, it upheld the complaints, ruling: “Because of its graphic nature and implication of violence, the image was gratuitously distressing and likely to cause serious or widespread offence, especially because it … would be seen by children.”

A spokesperson for Andrew WK confirmed this afternoon (January 16) that Mercury would now be altering the cover artwork to comply with ASA’s findings. While exact details of the change have not yet been confirmed, some form of sticker will be used to obscure the blood from the nose to the mouth.

‘I Get Wet’ was released in November last year. It was voted Ninth by NME’s writers in the Top 50 albums of the year poll.

Andrew WK will appear alongside Lostprophets, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Coral on the NME Carling Awards tour 2002 being put together to celebrate the paper’s 50th birthday.

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