One of the star's songs features on the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie of the MTV show...

ANDREW WK is set to team up with cult MTV show ‘JACKASS’.

The American star’s song ‘We Want Fun’ will feature on the soundtrack to the forthcoming feature film based on the show. A video for the track, which WK is producing jointly with metal über-producer Rick Rubin, will be directed by Spike Jonze. The song will be the first single released from the soundtrack.

“The song itself actually appeared on a B-side to the ‘She Is Beautiful’ single,” he explained to NME.COM. “It’s a song I re-recorded with Rick Rubin, who is producing the soundtrack to this movie as well as releasing it on his American Recordings label. We recorded it in Los Angeles about a month ago.

“I believe that the entire cast of the movie will be in the video for the track. Spike Jonze is going to be assisting on that shoot along with Jeff Tremain, the man who directs and puts ‘Jackass’ together. I guess it’ll be released late September, early October.”

>WK is planning to record his second album, the follow-up to ‘I Get Wet’, around Christmas.

“I’ll be doing this till the day I die,” he told NME.COM. “If there’s an easy part to any of this, the easy part is continuing. I can’t stress that enough. No amount of hype given, hype taken away, no amount of money spent, money lost stops this except me not existing anymore. It’s based on me getting up everyday and making music. And I can do that no matter what, with no band. Whether I’m travelling the country by foot – nothing is going to stop this continuing. Looking for signs that you’re a good person based on money or press things or how many albums are sold – its too freaky. There’s too much possibility to let yourself down. I recorded so much of the last record without any money that I feel I could get by with very minimal amounts.”

During WK‘s appearance at the NME signing tent in Reading, he stayed to meet his fans for almost four hours. However, the marathon meet and greet was small potatoes compared to a recent signing in the US. Following a signing in New Jersey, he decamped to a fan’s house where he continued signing autographs in their kitchen. The session lasted over 10 hours.