Former Razorlight/We Are Scientists member Andy Burrows has created an album with best-selling author Matt Haig

The album takes its name from one of Haig's books

Former Razorlight/We Are Scientists drummer Andy Burrows has collaborated with best-selling author Matt Haig to create a new album.

Titled ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ – a name taken from Haig’s 2015 book – Burrows was responsible for the instrumentation, while Haig wrote the lyrics.

Muse’s Dom Howard and Editors’ Tom Smith also feature on the LP, which was recorded in Wittersham and produced by frequent Burrows collaborator Tim Baxter.

Haig and Burrows met on Twitter, with the pair sending each other creative ideas for the record over the past year or so. “Writing songs to Matt Haig’s words has been such an amazing, elating experience. He is such an incredible writer and I know I am very, very lucky to be working with him,” Burrows said of the collaboration.

“Lyrics are the most difficult part, but this record feels like it comes straight from my heart… I just didn’t have to write the words! It’s not always easy to find that person you can connect with creatively.”

“Working with Andy on these songs has been a dream,” Haig added. “Andy is a musical genius and a great guy to collaborate with and it just felt right from the start, as though his music was the only possible match for the lyrics.

“The first songs emerged while Andy was in America and I was scribbling at home in Brighton. I am used to the long and lonely process of writing books so the thrill of being able to write some words, then send them to Andy eight thousand miles away and to hear them turn into an amazing song, sometimes within a few hours, was a kind of magic. The lyrics are deep.”

The pair have also released the title track of the album, which you can listen to below.

Reasons To Stay Alive

Reasons To Stay Alive, a song by Andy Burrows, Matt Haig on Spotify

Matt Haig recently released his follow-up to ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’, titled ‘Notes on a Nervous Planet’.