Watch Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley jam with Behemoth and absolutely smash it

The drummer teamed up with the Polish extreme metal band for ‘Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer’

Fall Out Boy’s drummer, Andy Hurley, took to the stage with Behemoth recently and proved he can keep up with the Polish extreme metal band.

Taking up the sticks for track ‘Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer’, self-confessed metal-head Hurley was introduced to the crowd by Behemoth frontman Nergal during their show in Oregon last Wednesday, (November 24.)

Nergal later posted a clip of the moment to his Instagram page, which you can watch below.


Captioning the clip, the frontman wrote: “Have u heard about @falloutboy ?! Andy has joined us during meet and greet soundcheck and jammed ORA PRO NOBIS with us!! Nailed it BIG FUCKIN’ TIME!”

In an interview with NME recently, Hurley spoke about his interests outside of Fall Out Boy and said Hardcore music still held a place in his heart. He added he’s happy to give back to the scene through his label Fuck City.

He said: “All the friends that I still live with and hang out with are kids I grew up with in hardcore. I still do side projects like hardcore bands with friends and talk about stuff that’s important to us. I’m still vegan straight edge.”

Meanwhile, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz recently revealed the one thing he’d do differently on the band’s next album. The bassist also claimed he’d love the band to explore a ‘Jamaican’ and ‘dancehall-y’ sound.

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