“Open your eyes, notice the lies”: Watch Andy Serkis return as Theresa May-Gollum for Brexit-themed ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

"I’m just Theresa, I need your sympathy."

Andy Serkis has returned as Gollum again to mercilessly mock Theresa May over the never-ending Brexit shambles.

After debuting his terrifying hybrid last month, Serkis’ latest appearance as the HobbitLord of the Rings character sees him mocking May after her Brexit deal faced the biggest commons defeat in history.

It’s also given a musical twist – with Theresa May’s woes playing out to the iconic strains of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

“Was that the right deal or was that just fantasy? Are we stuck in the Union, no article fifty?” Serkis’ combination of Gollum and May sings.

“Open your eyes, did you notice the lies or see? I’m just Theresa, I need your sympathy.”

It comes after Serkis first revived Gollum ahead of the Brexit vote on December 11 – which was ultimately postponed to last Tuesday (January 15).

In other Brexit news, MPs leaving the vote on Tuesday may have enjoyed some unexpected music to lighten the mood after a DJ played a “Brexit DJ set” outside the Houses of Parliament.

Protesters from both sides of the Brexit debate have gathered outside Parliament this week, but one DJ by the name of SUAT took it upon himself to stage an impromptu DJ set on Parliament Square while MPs gathered to vote on the deal.

Speaking to NME this week, IDLES frontman Joe Talbot also said that the Brexit vote “will not mean what you think”.

“It’s a fucking ruse. We’re fucked either way at the moment. The deal is not a deal,” Talbot said. “The Tories are not even Tories at the moment – they’re a distracted bunch of fucking greedy pigs. And Labour are a mess.”