Angel Haze apologises for being “a bully” – watch

Video follows musical spat with Azealia Banks

Angel Haze has posted a YouTube message to fans in which she appears to apologise for the escalating war of words with fellow rapper Azealia Banks.

In the video, titled #GypsyMilitia, the rapper delivers a message thanking fans for support and apologising for “all the stuff that has happened recently”. She says:

I don’t like the fact that I was a bully in a certain way. I don’t like the way I came off… [because] I came off as a bully.

Haze’s partner in the video, Eugene, believed to be her stylist, then cuts Haze off, saying, “We came out fine, we just don’t like the way things were displayed… we’re not going to do this now.”

The feud between Banks and Haze began earlier this month (January 3), when the pair fell out after Banks remarked on Twitter that rappers from outside of New York shouldn’t try and ‘claim’ the city for their own. She then posted a Tweet which claimed Haze had threatened to ‘cut’ her because of her comments and added: “Whatever, Angel Haze was just waiting for an opportunity to express her Azealia Banks jealousy.”

Haze responded by writing: “There’s no jealousy…. you know who’s better. You’ve always known.” She then posted a link to a tweet Banks wrote in May of last year, which said: “You know you’re the best out right now though! *hides mic behind back*”.

Haze then released the diss track ‘On The Edge’, prompting Banks to release her own song in response to their spat, ‘No Problem’. Haze then seemed to draw a line under the feud, writing on Twitter: “Done. Last diss track you’ll ever hear from me. Later. Back to living my great ass life.”

The ongoing fued reportedly sparked a sales surge for Banks. According to Billboard, Banks’ ‘1991’ EP saw a sales increase of 18 per cent in the following week, which equates to around 1,000 copies sold in the US.