Angel Haze on friends and family’s reaction to her sexuality: ‘they think I’m an abomination’

Haze says, 'Some rappers are gay. Get over it'

Angel Haze has spoken out about homosexuality in hip-hop, saying she never “came out” because she does not think people should have to.

The rapper speaks strongly about sexuality and gay rights in her latest column for Noisey. In a piece titled ‘Some rappers are gay. Get over it’, Haze argues that she wants her gay fans to be happy with themselves and also reveals the debate she had before covering Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ in 2013.

“I don’t have a coming out story because I don’t think anyone needs to come out,” writes Haze. “I don’t get the fascination with being gay, lesbian, bisexual. There’s no separation between gay rights and human rights, it’s just fucking stupid.”


Haze then discusses what she perceives as hypocrisy from those close to her who have criticised her. “My mother’s never been married, she’s never been in a successful relationship, my friends have had boyfriends who abuse them and think that shit’s OK. Yet they think that I’m an abomination.” Read the full article here.

Haze previously described her distaste for online dating, labelling hook-up apps Tinder and Grindr as being “so gross”.

Last year, Haze leaked her debut album ‘Dirty Gold’ as a “warning to her record label”, telling them not to interfere with her career.

She put the album online in December, forcing an official release later the same month. The LP was due to drop in March of this year (2014), but Haze wanted to release it in the same year as it was finished.