Listen to Angel Olsen’s stunning new track ‘Waving, Smiling’

It will appear on her forthcoming album 'Whole New Mess'

Angel Olsen has shared a new track called ‘Waving, Smiling’ – you can listen to it below.

The song will feature on the North Carolina artist’s forthcoming album ‘Whole New Mess’, which arrives on August 28 via Jagjaguwar.

‘Waving, Smiling’ in my head is the last scene, a slow-motion realisation of love not lost but at peace somewhere within myself,” Olsen said of the cut. “It’s the bittersweet end of a chapter of my life – it is the final acceptance that despite coming to an end all of that time was not lost or wasted.”


Following up on the title track from ‘Whole New Mess’, the new single is accompanied by a live video of Olsen performing solo at a Masonic Temple hall. You can check out that clip as well as the studio version of the song above.

The ‘Whole New Mess’ album will feature nine songs familiar to fans of the singer-songwriter’s previous record ‘All Mirrors’, presented in their “skeletal form” and with altered titles.

Rather than being a demo version of its predecessor, the project has been described as “its own record with its own immovable mood”, and will mark the Olsen’s first solo effort since her 2012 debut, ‘Half Way Home’.

See the full ‘Whole New Mess’ tracklist below.


1. Whole New Mess
2. Too Easy (Bigger Than Us)
3. (New Love) Cassette
4. (We Are All Mirrors)
5. (Summer Song)
6. Waving, Smiling
7. Tonight (Without You)
8. Lark Song
9. Impasse (Workin’ For The Name) 10. Chance (Forever Love)
11. What It Is (What It Is)

Speaking to NME for last week’s Big Read cover feature, Angel Olsen revealed that the ‘Whole New Mess’ title track “is about drug addiction, being addicted to alcohol, being on tour, not taking care of yourself.”

She added that the LP on the whole sees her “trying to embrace this part of myself that’s unpolished and not perfect”.

“I’ve been trying so hard to be interesting – and it just fucking doesn’t matter,” Olsen explained. “I like my branding – the black-and-white photos, the suit jacket and dresses and stuff – but does it have anything to do with my music? Absolutely not. It’s a selling point

“That’s part of what [‘Whole New Mess’] is about. I’ve been trying to dress myself up to be sellable for people. The truth is, I really just believe in my art. Can I just do that for once without having to fucking sell my face?”

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