Angel Olsen says she predicted 2020 “would be the year of burning trash”

Her new album 'Whole New Mess' is released on August 28

Angel Olsen has told NME that she predicted that 2020 “would be the year of burning trash”.

The North Carolina singer-songwriter, who’s new album ‘Whole New Mess’ is released on August 28, claims in this week’s NME Big Read interview that with the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement gathering momentum, it has been a year of scrutinising every system we once accepted without question.

“It’s a trash-burning year! Let’s reveal everyone, everything, pull the rug out from all of the world’s feet and really investigate people, power, people in our lives, the people we are. Let’s burn it all down. Trash burnin’ 2020!” she said.


The singer also opened up about her new record revealing the title track “is about drug addiction, being addicted to alcohol, being on tour, not taking care of yourself.”

She also said of the record: “I’m trying to embrace this part of myself that’s unpolished and not perfect.”

“I’ve been trying so hard to be interesting – and it just fucking doesn’t matter. I like my branding – the black-and-white photos, the suit jacket and dresses and stuff – but does it have anything to do with my music? Absolutely not. It’s a selling point.

Olsen continued: “That’s part of what [‘Whole New Mess’] is about. I’ve been trying to dress myself up to be sellable for people. The truth is, I really just believe in my art. Can I just do that for once without having to fucking sell my face? Do I have to sexualise my body, wear make-up, do all of these things to sell my product? Is this really how this system is going to work for the rest of my life? I don’t know if that is gonna work for me…”

See the full ‘Whole New Mess’ tracklist below:


1. ‘Whole New Mess’
2. ‘Too Easy (Bigger Than Us)’
3. ‘(New Love) Cassette’
4. ‘(We Are All Mirrors)’
5. ‘(Summer Song)’
6. ‘Waving, Smiling’
7. ‘Tonight (Without You)’
8. ‘Lark Song’
9. ‘Impasse (Workin’ For The Name) ‘
10. ‘Chance (Forever Love)’
11. ‘What It Is (What It Is)’

Last month, Olsen teamed up with Hand Habits to perform a cover of Tom Petty’s ‘Walls.’

The cover took place during Olsen’s ‘Cosmic Stream 2’ livestream. It was broadcast from the Masonic Temple in Asheville, North Carolina on July 14.