Angie Stone arrested on suspicion of knocking out daughter’s front teeth

The R&B singer and her 30-year-daughter were involved in a fracas at her Atlanta home

R&B singer Angie Stone has been arrested for assaulting her 30-year-old daughter, according to reports.

The three-time Grammy nominee was arrested in DeKalb County, Atlanta, for a domestic aggravated assault charge, according to Atlanta Journal Constitution.

It is reported that the singer’s daughter, Diamond Stone, punched her 54-year-old mother in the face with a closed fist.

Angie Stone then picked up a metal stand in defence and accidentally hit Diamond in the face, resulting in the loss of her front teeth, the singer told police. She added that she discarded the stand and tried to get away from Diamond Stone once she had realised her mistake, but claims her daughter set after her again. A family friend, Blondy Chisolm, broke up the fight.

Angie Stone told police that the argument started over a row about Diamond cleaning up after her children, reports TMZ.

Diamond Stone said the argument started when her mother demanded that she clean her room and ordered her to control her children, who were reportedly running around Stone’s property.

Angie Stone released her sixth and most recent album, ‘Rich Girl’, in 2012. Her biggest UK hit was a 2003 cover of ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours’ with Blue and Stevie Wonder. Her long career has also seen her work with artists including D’Angelo, Alicia Keys, Eve and Snoop Dogg.