Animal Collective release film trailer for ‘ODDSAC’ – video

The film is currently featuring at the Sundance Film Festival

Animal Collective have released a trailer for their film ODDSAC and you can see the trailer by scrolling down.

The film, which is currently featuring at the Sundance Film Festival, is a project the band have been working on for more than two years.

“We tried to make the music go along with the visuals as much as possible,” Avery Tare told “We didn’t want it to sound just like a soundtrack, but then we didn’t want it to be like a music video either.” He added.

Directed by the groups frequent collaborator Danny Perez, the band also revealed a little more about the film.

“It’s kinda like a psychedelic film, it’s not like a narrative film or anything,” he explained. “There are more cohesive moments in it, but then there are some that are a little more abstract.” He added.

The film is also set for two screenings in New York and Chicago. For more information, visit

Meanwhile, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear has recently announced he will play a one-off solo show in London in March.