Animal Collective to release new music with charity shoe designs

Fans who buy a pair of shoes will get a cassette of previously unreleased songs

Animal Collective have announced that they are releasing some previously unreleased music along with an upcoming charity shoe range.

The group have designed a series of shoes for Keep, and each purchase will come with a cassette of unreleased songs from the band.

Due out in March 2011, proceeds from the shoes are going to support the Socorro Island Conservation Fund.

“After much discussion we decided we wanted to give money to a small underfunded organisation to which we felt a personal connection,” Geologist said in a statement. “Josh [Dibb] and I have been scuba diving together for a number of years and the Revillagigedo [Islands] was one of the most amazing places I have ever seen.”

He added: “Hopefully this project will protect the animals of the Revillagigedos through at least one more fishing season and draw more attention to the global problem of illegal fishing.”

The first design available is called The Tobin, which features a ghost that was illustrated by Avey Tare. Additional designs from the rest of the group will be revealed in the coming weeks, reports Prefix.

The designs are available to pre-order up until October 31, priced at $75 (£48). For more information, visit