It looks like Anna Calvi will be working on the music for ‘Peaky Blinders’ season 6

A shadow is cast wherever she stands...

Anna Calvi has revealed that she’ll be returning to work on the music for the new season of Peaky Blinders.

The triple Mercury Prize nominee wrote the musical score for Peaky Blinders season five, with her track ‘You’re Not God’ becoming a central part of the soundtrack and known as the theme of main character Tommy Shelby.

Asked by NME if she’d be returning to work on the next season, Calvi replied: “Yeah, I think I am going to be involved in some capacity – so I’m excited to get back into that Peaky world. It was such an amazing experience.”


Speaking to NME last summer after her appearance at the first Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival, Calvi said that her experience of writing the score “wasn’t difficult, but a lot of fun” – and she entered the mindset of the characters.

“It was incredible for it not to be about me and to really try and get into another character,” said Calvi. “When I was doing it, I really felt like I was him. I really got into the mindset of Tommy Shelby. You’re almost a shadow to the character.”

As for her hopes for season six, she added: “I just want to see how dark it can get. Push Tommy to the edge, and then even further. You’re really rooting for him, even when he’s being terrible. That’s an amazing thing for Cillian as an actor to pull off.”

Meanwhile, director Anthony Byrne recently revealed the title of the first episode and said that season six of Peaky Blinders was in “pre-production”, with filming reportedly set to start in mid-February.


Calvi was speaking to NME as an ambassador for the recent Independent Venue Week, which culminated in her performing an intimate gig at The Windmill in Brixton where she was joined by Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe on a duet of her David Byrne collaboration ‘Strange Weather’.

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