Annie Lennox: ‘I doubt I’ll ever tour again’

Singer says touring wears her out 'physically and mentally'

Annie Lennox has said that it is unlikely she will ever tour again.

The former Eurythmics singer, who released her fifth studio album and first Christmas album ‘A Christmas Cornucopia’ in December, said she feels her back and left foot aren’t strong for her to tour properly.

Writing on her blog on her official website, she explained: “I doubt that I’ll ever tour again because quite honestly, it just wears me out mentally and physically, and my back and left foot are rubbish.”


She added: “In any case, I think I spent enough time waiting in cars, hotel rooms and dressing rooms to actually make a personal appearance.”

Lennox went on to suggest that in the future, performers may well tour using holograms. See to read her full blog.