Annie Mac thinks you should put away your phone at gigs

And definitely don't ask her for a selfie

Annie Mac has spoken out against people who use their mobile phones at gigs.

The Radio 1 DJ was speaking to Music Week about the UK clubbing scene when she made the comments. 

She explained that she’d noticed the increased usage during her High 5 tour, having not toured for two years due to her pregnancy.


“I noticed a distinct difference,” she said.

“That difference was phones – it was next level.


“Everything had to be recorded on people’s phones, or they were asking me to take selfies… It was constant phones in my face.”

She continued: “People weren’t able to just be in the room with that music, it all had to be recorded on their phone.”


She then compared the concert to a football game, noting: “You’re all experiencing the same amazing emotional charge together.

“But if you can’t do that because you’ve got a fucking screen in front of you, that you have to record everything on, it takes away that initial base level of connection.”

Though she argued that banning phones from gigs would be “a bit extreme”, she expressed her hopes that in future people will just choose to leave their tech at home.

“There might come a point where off-grid is the thing. I hope so.”

This year’s Lost & Found, Mac’s Maltese festival, will feature her “favourite line-up yet” of Jamie xx, J Hus, and Diplo, taking place from May 3-6.

In December last year, Mac expressed her enthusiasm for The Killers track ‘The Man’ getting named Radio 1’s Hottest Record of the Year. 

Mac called the track: “a very sassy and sexy record, brimming with bravado.”

Words by: Carly-May Kavanagh