Another artist comes forward accusing Lizzo of plagiarism

It comes after two producers accused her of stealing a lyric on 'Truth Hurts' yesterday (October 17)

Lizzo has been hit with another accusation of plagiarism – this time by singer CeCe Peniston.

It comes after Lizzo was yesterday accused of stealing a line in her #1 single ‘Truth Hurts’.

In light of yesterday’s accusations by producers Justin and Jeremiah Raisen, which concerned ‘Truth Hurts’ and specifically its star lyric “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m a 100% that bitch,” Peniston has re-shared claims she previously made about Lizzo’s recent single ‘Juice’.


“This is a clear example of #copyrightinfringement,” she wrote. “Cece Peniston versus @lizzobeeating y’all check this out.

Finishing the post, she added: ‘btw I love her music.”

The accusation stems from Lizzo’s use of the “YaYa EE” ad-lib for from ‘Juice’, which Peniston says is lifted from her track ‘Finally’.

Peniston then shared another Instagram post, which has since been deleted.

“For everybody who thought I was exaggerating on my claims of #copyrightinfringement please go check out the article I’m the the #3rd person who has said something,” Peniston wrote.


Cece Peniston accuses Lizzo of copyright infringement

Before yesterday’s accusations came to light, Lizzo had filed to trademark the phrase “100% that bitch” from ‘Truth Hurts’, which became Lizzo’s first Number 1 single last month.