Another Sky: “A sense of impending doom is tied into mental health for our generation”

Check out new single 'The Crack's from new EP 'Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds'

Another Sky have unveiled their new single ‘The Cracks’ along with details of new EP ‘Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds’. Check out the new Steve Turvey-directed video along with our interview with singer Catrin Vincent below.

Due for release on June 14, the new EP from the band is led by the song ‘The Cracks’. Debuted as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World, it was inspired by a Leonard Cohen lyric and written as “an ode to our generation, one that is more self-aware and being forced to have the difficult conversations that lead to progress and evolution”.

“It’s inspired by the little girl fined by the council for setting up a lemonade stall, the kids suing the US government for global warming, teenagers like Greta Thunberg,” said Vincent. “It’s about our generation’s unique position of facing extinction.”


Over their few releases so far, the band have been praised for their socio-politically aware lyrics. As to what draws her to these ideas, Vincent said she’s simply reflecting many of the anxieties that come with the zeitgeist.

“I’m very open about it and don’t believe there should be any kind of stigma around mental health,” Vincent told NME. “Going through the process of mental illness is bloody difficult, and I’m really interested in how it touches our generation. It has been affecting our generation worse, and I think it’s tied to things like global warming.

“Gretta Thunberg, the little girl who has led the climate change march for the youth, she’s said some really powerful things about global warming and how she went into this really deep depression over not knowing if she and her peers and even going to have a future. For our generation, I think this sense of impending doom is tied into mental health for our generation.”

She continued: “There’s talk of social media, but that’s just an extension of ourselves. It’s very telling how it’s being used, weaponised and bought by political campaigns. Our generation is experiencing these things like never before, so it’s more important than ever to de-stigmatise mental health.”


New song ‘The Cracks’ echoes the themes of the band’s other recent material, acting as a call for action as well as echoing a struggle to find one’s place in a fractured society.

“‘We have a song called ‘The Water Below’, which was about being a depressed young woman and not really knowing what it meant to be ‘a woman’ or what to do,” said Vincent. “There’s another new song called ‘Riverbed’ and it explores feeling like you’re at the bottom of a river but being told that everything is different. You’ve sunk to the bottom but you’re being told that you’re actually flying.

“There’s this feeling like we can’t talk about the things that are going to happen. There’s a pressure to be really hopeful about global warming rather than saying ‘More needs to be done’. ‘Riverbed’ is about being told that how you’re feeling is wrong.”

She added: “These feelings and your perception of events are a natural reaction to what’s happening around you.”

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Another Sky release ‘Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds’ on June 14. See the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

27 Are You Listening?, Reading
4 Live at Leeds, Leeds
5 Hit The North Festival, Newcastle
11 The Great Escape, London
15 Café Totem, Sheffield
16 Portland Arms, Cambridge
24 London Calling, Amsterdam
29 Boileroom, Guildford
30 The Forum, Tunbridge Wells
31 Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton
1 Festival Finale, Bath
5 Esquires, Bedford
6 The Venue, Derby
7 Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
8 The Polar Bear, Hull
19 Latitude Festival, Beccles
20 Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
21 Bluedot, Cheshire
10 Winterthurer Musikfestwoochen, Switzerland
24 Village Underground, London

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