Another Sky talk “toxic femininity”, expectations of women in music and “smashing gender norms”

“I definitely felt that I have to work twice as hard as a woman. You can see it in our performance"

Another Sky singer Catrin Vincent has spoken of the band’s experience of in-built misogyny within the music industry – but added that things do seem to be changing for the better.

Today sees the band release their new EP ‘Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds’ – a record inspired by the dramas of everyday life. Over their short time together as a band, Vincent admitted that they have had their fair share of struggles.

“I definitely felt that I have to work twice as hard as a woman,” she told NME. “You can see it in our performance. I’ve got a guitar, a piano and I need to sing. Sometimes it feels that I’m doing that to prove a point. It’s about working twice as hard because you don’t have as many platforms.


“This boxing of women into ‘female’ genres suggests that women have a lesser ability. When you have a genre of ‘female music’ that’s like saying they can’t match up to their male counterparts. I don’t see an ability difference. I remember being really excited how fka Twigs sang in such a feminine voice and making it incredible.”

She added: “Women hear different frequencies, and if women produced music it would sound completely different. Some people think, ‘Oh I just prefer male bands and male festival headliners’. They only think that because there’s an overexposure to that. It becomes ‘a spectacle’ if there’s a woman in a band.”

However, Vincent added that attitudes do seem to evolving – but that traditional expectations of all genders need to considered.

“I do think things are changing, and it’s possible that they can,” she went on. “No one wants to be a bad person or oppress other people, but if you’re fed this hero narrative from the moment that you’re born, then it happens. In the span of our lifetime things might not change a considerable amount, but we’ve got to keep fighting these ideals.

“Even toxic femininity is a thing; it’s about this inward self-hate, blame and guilt. There are a lot of gender norms that need to be smashed.”


‘Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds’ by Another Sky is out now.

Another Sky’s upcoming UK tour dates are below:

19 – Latitude Festival, Beccles
20 – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
21– Bluedot, Cheshire
10 – Winterthurer Musikfestwoochen, Switzerland
24 – Village Underground, London