Anthrax have made their own craft beer called ‘Wardance’

It goes well with a burger, Anthrax’s Charlie Benante says.

Anthrax have become the latest band to launch their own craft beer.

The metal band crew have teamed up with New York’s Butternuts Beer & Ale Brewery to create the tipple, which they have named Wardance after one of their songs.

The beer, which is 5.5% alcohol by volume, is described in a press release as a “recognisable beer with a unique character”.


Anthrax’s Scott Ian said of the band’s brewing collaboration with Butternuts’ owner, Chuck Williamson: “I’ve wanted to do our own beer for a long time, it was just finding the right guy to make that a reality. I am a fan of Butternuts, especially their Porkslap Pale Ale, and when I found out that Chuck was interested in doing a beer with us I immediately said yes.”

“Finding the right taste that all of us loved was really important,” Anthrax’s Charlie Benante added. “But it was also important that the beer not leave people feeling heavy or filled up afterwards. The other thing I love about our beer is that it goes really well with a burger. It’s the one beer to have when you’re having a ‘Wardance’.”

Wardance will hit shops, bars and restaurants in New York State from March 27. The band are then planning to roll out the brew across the US.

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