Anti-Brexit boyband The Breunion Boys have shared their new single ‘The Real Deal’

"There is only one Real Deal in town, and that is being part of the European Union!"

The Breunion Boys, a Dutch boyband formed as an attempt to stop Brexit from taking place, have shared their second single ‘Real Deal’.

It comes just in time to mark Theresa May’s colossal defeat in parliament last night (January 15) as she tried to get her planned EU withdrawal deal past MPs.

“The song expresses how we feel about Theresa’s proposal,” the band say. “She tried hard, but there is only one Real Deal in town, and that is being part of the European Union!”


The video starts with an earnest discussion between two of the band members about such hot button issues as the issues with May’s deal as the Irish border issue, before the five-piece burst into song with the lines: “This is not a real deal, no better than before. I just wanna say I feel you, keep open the door.”

Other choice lyrics include “All the treaties that we have together… no one’s gonna treat you better” and “Please don’t settle for le

Launching with the single ‘Britain Come Back’ in December, Breunion Boys are a five-piece formed by Dutch animation artist Julia Veldma as a “final, desperate, ultimate attempt” to stop Britain from parting with the European Union in March.

“I cried, I really cried my heart out. It was so unexpected and overwhelming and it made me feel powerless,” Veldman told Reuters in December. “I thought, what else will work better than the voice of Take That, or a boy band — the best thing Britain ever gave to us — to convince them to take us back?”

The band are plotting a UK tour in February, and are looking for sponsors.