Anti-Flag to release new album in autumn

Pennsylvania punks prepare for release of 'angry' ninth studio effort

Anti-Flag have announced that they will be putting out a new album later this year.

In an interview with Blare Magazine, the Pennsylvania punks’ vocalist/guitarist Justin Sane revealed: “We’re really hoping to release the album in the fall.”

“We’ve been recording over the last couple of months and will be finishing up during the end of summer,” says the singer. “There have been some ideas for a title but nothing confirmed yet; we’ve thrown around a few things and one of them is ‘Magnum’,” he jokes. “It’s a reference from ‘Zoolander’. I think now, it’s definitely going to be the name of the new record!”


The new effort will be the band’s ninth studio album, and the follow-up to 2008’s ‘The Bright Lights Of America’ and 2009’s ‘The People Or The Gun’. “We had put out two albums in two years and I think at that point, we all needed a little bit of break,” said Sane over the delay in releasing a new record.

As far as content goes, the politically-charged punk frontman revealed that: “The new album is an angry record. I think it will discuss a number of key issues but it will also talk about things we feel strongly about. Anti-Flag has always operated that way and I think we will continue to do so in that manner. When you have an honest look at what’s going on in the United States, our work is cut out for us and I think people are just getting to understand that. A lot of them are frustrated with what they’ve seen happen and how certain policies have affected the country.”

Sane also offered up the news that he has “also been working on a solo album as I haven’t done anything since my last record which was six or seven years ago”.