Anti-Flag cancel European tour after stage-dive accident

Band say they'll reschedule the dates

Anti-Flag have cancelled all previously-scheduled European tour dates after frontman Justin Sane broke his collar bone during a gig at the Norwich UEA on Wednesday night (March 4).

During the show, which also had Rise Against and Flobots on the bill, Sane took a stage dive and landed awkwardly, sustaining the injury.

In a message on the Pittsburgh rockers’ official website,, the band explained that the incident was the last straw in terms of deciding to cancel their European dates.


“Tonight in Norwich Justin broke his collar bone,” the message read. “There was a scuffle in the crowd, he dove head first in, landed awkwardly and that was that.

“We hate to cancel the remaining shows with Rise Against and our own headlining shows in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. But after [guitarist] Chris Head having to fly home from Glasgow due to a death in the family, Pat‘s [Thetic, drums] three broken ribs that he started the tour with and now this it’s obvious the UK is trying to kill us.

“Fuck it, we’ll reschedule it all, you may have won the battle, but we WILL WIN the war. Cordially yours. Anti-Flag.”

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