Anti-hate rally to be held at Adam Yauch’s memorial park

Beastie Boys' Adam "MCA" Yauch's memorial park in Brooklyn was vandalised with swastikas and pro-Trump graffiti

Yesterday (Nov 18th), the memorial park created in honour of Beastie Boys‘ Adam “MCA” Yauch was vandalised with swastikas and pro-Trump graffiti.

Yauch died of complications from cancer in May 2012 at the age of 47. The Adam Yauch park is located in Brooklyn, New York.

Local politicians have now announced a “stand up against hate” rally that will be held in the park tomorrow (Nov 20) at 11:30 a.m (EST). Organised by State Senator Daniel Squadron, Congresswoman Nydia Velásquez, city council members, elected officials, and other community and faith leaders. Kathleen Hanna shared the rally information on social media.


On Facebook, the former Bikini Kill member wrote that she has received “many many mean spirited anti-Semitic comments on both facebook and twitter” but has since removed them.

She continued; “The idea that I am silencing people by not letting them write abusive things is just stupid. Swastikas on a playground aren’t the worst thing happening at the moment but many people have already been victimized by Trumps new world and we think it’s important to stand up and say no, so thank you to the idiots who did this, you brought us together.”

“The thought that it’s probably kids who did this doesn’t make it fake, it makes it sad,” she added. “I hope they are in attendance.”

The vandalism of Adam Yauch Park comes in the same week that Beastie Boys’ classic debut album, ‘License To Ill’, celebrates its 30th birthday.


The album was a phenomenal success for the pioneering hip-hop trio, becoming the first hip-hop album to top the Billboard 200 chart. It went on to sell over 10 million copies in the US alone.


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