Anti-vax Foo Fighters fans are renouncing the band over their New York gig

“That’s every album & playlist with them on, consigned to the bin.”

A group of self-proclaimed Foo Fighters fans who also do not believe in taking the coronavirus vaccine are expressing anger over the band’s upcoming New York show.

The band will perform a full capacity, mask-free show at Madison Square Garden later this month (June 20), the first gig the venue has hosted since March 2020. All attendees will be required to show proof that they have had two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Despite the vaccine having been proved to be highly effective and safe, some people are now renouncing their fandom of the band as a result.


“Foo Fighters, a band I’ve long admired, just held a concert for the jabbed only,” tweeted one fan, confusing the show’s date. “That’s every album & playlist with them on, consigned to the bin.”

Right Said Fred, who have previously attended anti-lockdown protests and whose frontman Richard Fairbrass has branded the vaccine a ‘scam’, replied to the user saying: “Music is meant to build bridges, not destroy them.”

Libertarian comedian Josh Denny said he will “Never buy another ticket to a Foo Fighters Concert. Not all people that choose to NOT vaccinate are conspiracy theorists. Some people, very close to me, have autoimmune conditions that make the vaccine a high risk proposition.”

He added: “‘Vaccine mandatory’ is 2021’s ‘whites only.'”


“Being such a huge fan since seeing you open for The Stones back in the 90s to hear this sadly has changed all that,” said another fan in response to the band on Twitter.

“Never thought the Foo Fighters would support suppression, segregation, and discrimination,” said another.

Many others, however, have expressed their support for the show’s vaccination policy, which is in keeping with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent announcement that all shows at 100 per cent capacity must have a fully vaccinated audience.

“A big thumbs up to my favorite band for doing this,” said one user. “I genuinely don’t see a problem with this, and double bonus points for pissing off the anti-vax morons,” said another.

Children under the age of 16 who are unable to take a vaccine can show proof of a negative COVID test instead.

Foo Fighters will follow the New York gig with a run of shows across the US this summer. Their return to live gigs comes after the coronavirus pandemic derailed their extensive plans to celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2020.

The Foos had been set to head on a tour that would see them revisit stops from their first US tour, which was held in 1995, but those dates were shelved last August.

The band have, however, played a number of fundraisers and livestreams throughout the last year, including their recent appearance at Vax Live: The Concert To Reunite The World which raised £214million to support worldwide vaccination efforts.