Anvil for Download, Glastonbury and Reading And Leeds Festivals?

Heavy metal band say we could be seeing lots of them this summer

Anvil have revealed that they are set to play live at the Download festival in June.

The band also hinted they also might be playing at the Reading And Leeds Festivals in August plus Glastonbury in June.

Drummer Rob Reiner told BBC Newsbeat that he was looking forward to hitting the UK festivals hard this summer, after their profile was raised by ‘Anvil! The Story Of Anvil’ – the documentary about the band set for release tomorrow (February 20).

Glastonbury could end up happening too [as well as Download],” he said. “Even Reading. We’re planning on doing it all. Anvil has been around – now we’re really going to be around.

“Nothing has changed, we’re just kicking ass all the time. Now there are more people to rock for, and more people are understanding the story.”

Glastonbury festival organiser Emily Eavis previously told NME.COM that there was a chance the band could play at the festival.

An online petition to for fans who wish organisers to book the band has been launched at