The Reverend Ian Paisley won't be too happy at the Earwhackz track, which also samples some of his speeches...

An Irish hiphop act are on a collision course with the extreme right wing Northern Irish politician the REVEREND IAN PAISLEY after they illegally sampled some of his speeches in a new track that also compares him to KING KONG.

The act, Earwhackz, have used the sample on ‘Wasp in The Jungle’, a track that features on Apache Tribe, a compilation of new Northern Irish dance and hiphop.

On top of a Fatboy Slim-type dance tune, Paisley can be heard preaching: “The things I now love I once hated/The things I now hate I once loved/Why – because of Christ/Let him in tonight.”

Later, a sample is lifted from the ‘King Kong’ film openly pouring scorn on the MP. “Neither beast or man,” it says. “… Something monstrous, all powerful still living still holding that island in the grip of deadly fear.”

Neither the Rev. Paisley, nor his spokespeople could be reached for comment at press time. Recently, Paisley condemned line-dancing as immoral. He is the founder and leader of the fundamentalist Christian DUP (Democratic Unionist Party).

You can hear the track at [url=]www.apache-tribe.com.