More than 100 supposed Aphex Twin demos posted to SoundCloud by mystery user

Tracks accompanied by tag #likeearlyaphex

More than 100 purported Aphex Twin demos have been uploaded onto SoundCloud by a mystery user.

The uploads began on Monday (January 27) by a member who went by the name of user487363530. The first uploaded track ‘8 Utopia’ was tagged #likeearlyaphex and included a description saying: “Like early aphex but I’d never heard of him when I wrote all these tracks im going to be uploading.” Other tracks were accompanied by similar notes.

The anonymous user had also previously commented on Aphex Twin’s ‘Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]’, saying: “Would like to know the full setup for this track, brilliant music man. I love your early 90’s stuff so much, I was doing stuff in the early 90’s, similar to you but I didn’t know about you when I did it! Im also 43 years old I’m going to be uploading it to soundcloud soon, gotta dust off the old DAT’s & cassettes!”

Whoever was behind the SoundCloud that uploaded ‘Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]’ – thought to be Aphex Twin (real name Richard D James) himself – replied to the comment, writing: “beautiful stuff, would love to hear more”.

According to Pitchfork, Planet Mu founder Mike Paradinas, who previously worked with James on 1996’s ‘Expert Knob Twiddlers’ under their Mike & Rich moniker, said he “recognised some tracks from James’ old tapes.” The user has deleted and relaunched the page several times and changed his url twice.

Aphex Twin’s new EP ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments PT2’ was streamed online last weekend (January 24). The EP is the follow up to Aphex Twin’s latest album ‘Syro’, which was released in September 2014.

The electronic musician and prankster has in the past used a number of anonymous monikers to release his music, including Caustic Window, Polygon Window, Bradley Strider and AFX.