Cartoonist David Rees releases Aphex Twin / Taylor Swift mash-up album

Eight tracks released via Soundcloud

Writer and artist David Rees has unveiled a new Aphex Twin / Taylor Swift mash-up album that he’s dubbed ‘AphexSwift’.

The eight track release has been posted online via Soundcloud and combines the electronic musician’s instrumentals with the pop star’s vocals. For example, ‘Why You Gotta Be So Flim’ mixes Swift’s Grammy Award-winning single ‘Mean’ with Aphex Twin’s 1997 track ‘Flim’. Scroll down to listen to the project.

“This summer I decided to make an album of Aphex Twin / Taylor Swift mashups,” wrote Rees in a blog post.

“I am a big fan of both these artists – I think they’ve each written some thrilling pop hooks and their production is amazing. I also just wanted to see if it could be done.

“I actually think Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Taylor Swift have a lot in common besides their songwriting talents – or, at least, they each have characteristics more commonly associated with the other.”

According to Rees, both artist’s music shares a romantic quality, while he compares James’s camera shy nature with Swift’s “incredible poise” and “superhuman competence”, calling the singer “just as alien and intimidating as Aphex Twin’s photoshopped leering ghoul-faces”.

Rees is known for his satirical comic strip Get Your War On, which ran from 2001 to 2009, and as the star of the National Geographic Channel series Going Deep with David Rees. Upon the ‘AphexSwift’ release, he took to Twitter to tell fans who assumed the record was “a big goof” that he is truly enthusiastic about both artists.

Aphex Twin recently spoke about pop music in an interview with Q magazine, describing very famous musicians as “mentally ill” with insecurity issues.

“I actually really like pop music but it’s all the other stuff that goes with it,” he said. “I think you have to be mentally ill to be really famous. I’m only partially mentally ill, because I’m semi-famous! But if you’re like Madonna, then you’re properly mentally ill, basically. Because you have to be. I have hung around with enough famous people to realise they’ve got a serious insecurity problem.”