Aphex Twin reveals his kids, wife, mum and dad feature on ‘Syro’

Richard D. James also claims that his children have their own Bandcamp page

Aphex Twin‘s Richard D. James has given a rare interview, in which he discusses new album ‘Syro’.

Set for release on September 22, ‘Syro’ is the first album to be released under the Aphex Twin name since 2001’s ‘Drukqs’ and was announced on the deep web. Speaking to Pitchfork, James revealed that his wife, two children and mum and dad’s vocals all feature on the record. “Yes, it’s mine, my two kids, my wife, my mum and dad are on there in places. It’s all chucked in the mix,” he commented, though explained that the vocals have been masked to become almost impossible to understand. “That’s usually the intention. That’s another way of withholding some details for yourself. Because you don’t know what someone’s saying, whereas I do. Not that I would expect anyone to care, but it’s a way of keeping your privacy.”

Speaking further about fatherhood, he said children were “like computer-programmed versions — clones — of yourself.” He added that his kids are making music too and claims that his five year old has a Bandcamp page. “My 5-year-old’s made loads of totally insane music on his computer, and I’m just like, ‘What the fuck is that? What have I done to him?’ He’s using Renoise. I didn’t tell him how to use it, he just downloaded a crack off Pirate Bay. Age 5! He set up a Bandcamp, and he’s published some tracks on there. I’ve since showed him how to record his voice and stuff like that. I just can’t believe that’s what’s happening.”


James went on to deny that he was in the Aphex Twin blimp that recently flew over London to tease the ‘Syro’ release. “No, but it would have been good, wouldn’t it? Get a zeppelin and ride underneath it, DJing. Maybe next time.”

Discussing the Kickstarter campaign behind the distribution of his 1994 ‘Caustic Window’ album earlier this year, James called the project “really touching”. He continued: “Because I try to distance myself from my fans, but something like that is so nice. And when they reached the goal on Kickstarter and it kept going up — people just wanted to give it money, even though they didn’t need to do it, because they’re just going to get a download from someone. It’s like, ‘Oh wow, humanity is nice after all’. But it’s totally weird, just thinking that people like your stuff that much.”

A further raft of listening events allowing fans to hear Aphex Twin‘s new album ‘Syro’ ahead of release will take place over the next few days. Scroll down for full details. Fans recently had the opportunity to hear the reclusive artist’s new album around the world between September 5 and 10, starting in London and in cities including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and Brussels.

‘Syro’ listening parties:

Glasgow Monorail 6pm (19)
Nottingham The Music Exchange 4pm (20)
London Rough Trade East 12pm (21)