Physical copy of Aphex Twin’s ‘Caustic Window’ raises over £27,000 on eBay

Test-pressing of rare album makes thousands at auction

A physical copy of the rare Aphex Twin album ‘Caustic Window’ has sold at auction for over £27,000.

As reported last week, fans purchased digital copies of the album via a Kickstarter campaign. Further to that, Pitchfork reports that a physical test-pressing was auctioned on eBay and sold for £27,198. Money raised from the sale will reportedly be split evenly between the people who paid into Kickstarter, Aphex Twin and a currently unnamed charity.

The organisers of the Kickstarter campaign are now holding a vote to determine which charity will receive the allotted portion of the auction fund through this We Are The Music Makers forum.

Meanwhile, two more rare Aphex Twin albums have surfaced on eBay’.

The first is an unplayed copy of a collection of tracks called ‘Melodies From Mars’ which were never released. They were originally scheduled for release in 1999 via by Rephlex, the label started by Aphex Twin (Richard D James).

The second, ‘Analogue Bubblebath 5’, an LP recorded in 1995 which was never formally released, is also up for sale to the highest bidder in an auction which ends today (June 24).

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